Our Technology

Using the latest in technology is another way to show we care. We know that as we invest in technology, it delivers a better overall experience for you. Technology means better diagnosis, faster, more gentle treatments, and better recovery.

Zirkonzahn S600 Scanner

The Zirkonzahn S600 Scanner is our next generation scanner, with accuracy far above and beyond the intraoral scanners used in most dental practices. The S600 provides the most precise information about patients’ soft and hard tissue, enabling the creation of the most accurate, natural and beautiful smile restorations.

Zirkonzahn M4 Wet Heavy Metal Milling Unit

The M4 Wet Heavy Metal milling unit is uniquely designed to create the highest standard of both single implants and full mouth restorations. With its cutting edge technology and its 360° rotatable work surface, your restoration will be perfect from every angle.

Zirkonzahn Face Hunter Face Scanner

Using this revolutionary new technology we integrate 3D scans of your unique facial structure into our plan when designing your beautiful new smile.

Sirona Galileos 3D CT Cone Beam Scanner

Sirona Galileos cone beam technology, an advanced type of digital radiography, provides us with a 3-dimensional digital image of your entire mouth, even areas that are not commonly visible to the human eye, like the structures beneath your teeth and gums. The model even includes teeth roots and internal canals. Within minutes of the iCone Beam 3D CT Scan, we are able to offer patients an immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment plan-all in one visit.

PRF Platelet Rich Fibrin

L-PRF™ is a thin, compressed layer of strong material made from your own blood (many other practices use materials derived from a cow). This material is rich in healing components that help to more quickly heal the site of your surgery using your body’s own resources.

NFUSE® Bone Graft

INFUSE® Bone Graft is the top-of-the-line bone regenerative materials, stimulating stronger bone regeneration. This helps to ensure the success of dental implants and maintain the patient’s facial structure.